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Constant crash when resize viewport

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  • Constant crash when resize viewport

    Every so often when the viewport gets resized Cascadeur crashes. This is the log:
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    Thank you for the log file, Jose!
    Next week the technical team will return from holidays and take a look.


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      I discussed the issue with my colleagues in the development team.
      They didn't see a reason for the crashes in your log file, but they would like to do more research on this!

      Could you please send us your DxDiag file?
      (Press Win+R keys, type dxdiag in the field and press OK, then save data by clicking Save All Information...)

      And if you can spend the extra time:
      Would it be possible to make a video showing the crash?
      There is a high probality that its is connected to your hardware or your device drivers, and we will find it out together.


      • José Pizarro
        José Pizarro commented
        Editing a comment
        Sure. I sent you a DM

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      Thank you! I will post any results here.


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        Hi José!
        Apologies for the long delay!
        You haven't been forgotten, but the problem is tricky.
        Here is an update for you.
        The issue that you encountered is definetely connected to openGL on your machine.
        We had to forward it to our GUI team today, who will see if they can recommend a certain fix to you.


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          I just updated to the latest version and this issue is fixed. (Using a 5600 XT).
          Huge thanks to the team, I can finally use Cascadeur.
          Last edited by LahceneB; 08 October 2022, 15:58. Reason: Issue has been fixed.


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            You are welcome!


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