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Adding twist joint cause an error: rig_not_a_dag

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  • Adding twist joint cause an error: rig_not_a_dag

    I followed this video:

    and this tutorial page:

    to add and setup arm-twist box controller to my rigg.

    I made sure my twist bone continues with the limb joint:

    arm bone hierachy

    I select the twist bone and click on 'add rig element' (with 'only box controller' ticked on) and created the twist box controller.


    After I select both the twist box controller and hand joint, and press the 'set' button, when I tried to exit Rig mode, I get the following error:

    RuntimeError: rig_not_a_dag

    C:\Program Files\Cascadeur\resources\scripts\python\rig_mode\ off
    C:\Program Files\Cascadeur\resources\scripts\python\rig_mode\ mod
    C:\Program Files\Cascadeur\resources\scripts\python\rig_mode\ run

    and couldn't exit Rig mode.

    I'm using daz character model and have followed the 'daz to cascadeur' tutorial.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you!
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    I am sorry, we do not yet support this type of hierarchy for twists.
    The documentation has incorrect information and we will change it accordingly.
    But anyway: could you send us the scene file?
    We would like to take a look at it and see how we could help.


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