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advice with animating using cascadeur

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  • advice with animating using cascadeur

    Been working for past 2 days trying to make animation of a character falling from a plateform to the ground. This is for a project I am working on to depict a patient in a hospital falling off one of our operating room tables during patient transfer from bed to operating room table.

    I realized that the interpolation between frames appear some what unnatural of a patient moving across plateform and then falling off the plateform to hit the floor. I uploaded what I have so far. The movements are very unnatural and I am in the process of fixing the frames as well.

    Anyone want to help a noob navigate this program ? Any helpful tips would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Hi Chronos,
    these parts of the documentation will give you a better understanding of the interpolation types in Cascadeur and how to use them:

    Also, try using the interpolation type "Bezier clamped".

    Click image for larger version

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      Hi Tom thanks for replying.

      After creating an animation, is it possible to create a scene with color and texture for example making the character naked with just an underwear to simulate a patient and add color to both the patient and the operating room table and bed ? Or does this need to be done in another software such as iClone or blender ? i uploaded a demo of one of our motions inside our scene created.


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        Hi Chronos,
        yes, today it is actually the best option to export the animation to another software which supports clothing/skins.
        Cascadeur Early Access version doesn't have all the standard animation software features of the final release version.
        We will add more of such functions in the short and mid term.
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