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  • Animation problems

    As a newbie, I'm having strange problems. (I'm not really sure how to explain by words, i'll try):

    Example problem:
    I create 2 keyframes for the arm, then I set the interpolation. For some reason the hand does strange rotations seemingly different form the arm even though the keyframes included the hand (and the start-end keyframes of the hand were coherently placed relative to the rest of the arm).

    Other problem:
    I slide a little set of keyframes forward (example, i move the arm animation 5 frames ahead and leave the rest of the body keyframes as they are), some sort of ghost movement appears, in wich the arm repeates the end keyframe even though the keyframe istn there anymore.

    If this sound inconprehensible to read, i'm sorry, i'll try to provide video examples as soon as I can.

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    Thank you for describing the problem. Could you please save the scene as a .CASC file and upload it here? I am sure, with a look at your animation we will be able to tell you what went wrong.


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      Sure, I could replicate one, you can see it in the first frames of left arm.
      The other isnt really the same that I meant, but towards the end you can see right arm twisting unnaturely, and before that, the hand just bends sideways because I was trying to fix it frame by frame, wich I have a hard time doing..
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        Okay, we have checked your scene.

        Our recommendation is to read the interpolation chapter in our documentation thoroughly:

        In your scene you have set "fixed interpolation" for all frames.
        Fixed interpolation should only be used when you want to edit a character pose on a regular frame of the interpolation interval, instead of the keyframe.
        This way you can adjust poses between key frames without creating additional keys.

        But in your case, you should stick to setting a few key frames and let Cascadeur calculate all the regular frames between the keys.
        Last edited by Tom Borovskis; 10 February 2021, 15:10.


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          Thanks for the pointer, although (unless i'm missing something else), It's more like every time I move any intermediate pose, it automaticly switches to "fixed" even though it was set to clamped bezier.


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            Dear Postrock - I am not sure that I understand your description of the issue.
            What do you mean by "intermediate pose"?

            In general you should only change the character poses in the keyframes, you should not change poses in between the keyframes (this is done by the software).
            And if you are not happy how Cascadeur calculates a certain pose in the interval between two keyframes, you can add another keyframe in the interval and then change the pose in this keyframe. (Select a frame by left-clicking it. And then press the F hotkey.)
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