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3dsmax Cat or Biped rig to cascadeur

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  • 3dsmax Cat or Biped rig to cascadeur

    i`m trying to import my biped or cat character to cascadeur from 3dsmax 2022
    bones are sometimes invisible, sometimes not !
    skined character allways gives the message:
    Visualizer Shaded Meshes raised an exception: Frau_frauMesh001: loadMatrices failed! Sizes of objects and matrices arrays do not match.

    if i close cascadeur after that , it hangs and i have to close it with the taskmanager
    importing this character to unreal is working perfectly
    There are no scaled Objects / Bones and Root is at 0 Point at every axis
    (tryed also every fbx version )


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    Hi Schellicon,
    could you please upload both files here?
    1 - The original 3dsmax file
    2 - The imported file in Cascadeur

    We will then take a closer look at it.

    If you dont want to upload it here, you also can send it to me in a private message.


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      here it is
      Thanks for looking into it
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        Our team will take a look at it.
        But ... as it is Friday afternoon already, it could take until Monday to get a result. (I hope you don't mind)


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          Hello Schellicon,
          as promised, here is the assessment from our experts:

          1 - For now we can only give you the attached (modified) source file,
          It imports correctly.

          2 - But to dig deeper into the issue, it would also be useful to get your fbx in ascii format.
          Could you send it to me?
          Thank you/Dankeschön!
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            thx for the File , just looking at it.
            Here`s my ascii file export
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              Thank you!
              I will forward it to my colleagues.

              By the way, just a little tip from my side:
              I made a fast test rigging of your character, and I have see that you used different names for the right and the left shoulders bones ("Bip01RArmCollarbone" vs. "Bip01LArmClavicle" for the German "Schulterblätter").

              So the mirroring function of our Cascadeur's quick rigging tool will not work properly.
              But its not a big issue: you can pull the bone manually to its position in the quick rigging tool.
              Last edited by Tom Borovskis; 18 January 2022, 14:01.


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