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    Hey all,

    Exploring this amazing software for the first time. (very exiting)

    I create these abstract animations like this
    The geometry of my model is used to generate new geometry.

    From what I understand it's best to use the characters in the /scenes folder because they have all the good weights for the physics helpers.
    Only problem is that they are all a bit special and not very neutral.

    What's the easiest way to have a rig with all the correct physics and a basic mesh shape.
    Maybe I should export the basic male model from cascadeur to Blender and change the mesh their a bit and then reimport it?
    Any other tips?


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    Awesome looking character!

    The easiest way will probably be just importing your own character and rigging it in Cascadeur via the quick rigging tool.
    It will have weights as our model (by default) which should be fine.
    The tensors of inertia will be adapted to the proportions of your character

    We have plenty of tutorials and manuals how to import and rig characters on our website and on YT:


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    Cascadeur is a standalone software for creating physically correct keyframe animations for characters, humanoid and otherwise. Make realistic animations from scratch or improve your mocap, while retaining full control over the results.
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