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Can't import files

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  • Can't import files

    Like the title says, whenever i try to import a file either fbx or dae i get "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'fbx_import'" and nothing happens. I've tried multiple different files in case it was an issue with my exported model specifically but i get the same result every time.

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    Could you please send us the files in your log folder?


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      Log file. It only happens when importing a mesh, animations seem to be working fine
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        Thank you!
        Our developers have never seen this issue before.
        It looks like some problem with the python interpreter.

        Can you please check if the file:
        CASCADEUR_ROOT_DIR/resources/scripts/python/fbx_import/ exists?

        Or maybe did you change the default path to the scripts somehow?


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          Yup, file is there. Have both init and in the folder. I don't see how i could have changed the path, the only setting i've changed was making the theme dark when i first launched the program, however I did see a settings.ini in the resources folder with ScriptsDir inside with no path, i tried saving it with the scripts folder location but it didn't help, still getting the error.


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