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Fixed Interpolation Not Working as Described?

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  • Fixed Interpolation Not Working as Described?

    I'm following the guided tour and came to this page describing Fixed Interpolation. However, any changes I make to point controller positions snap back to their original placements. Am I missing something or has the software changed since this page was written?

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    Okay, I think I figured it out. I have to change the interpolation mode to Fixed before it'll work. This is different than what's illustrated in the guided tour, though.


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      Hi Rontarrant,
      Thanks for the tip! We will adjust the page in the tutorial to the latest state of the software.
      Unfortunately, it is difficult to adapt the already existing documentation to each new program version during the development of the software.
      Therefore we are very grateful for such hints from the users.
      (And we assume that such problems will disappear after the release of the final Cascadeur version.)


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