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How Do I Create and Export Character with Multiple Animations

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  • How Do I Create and Export Character with Multiple Animations

    I have a character that I want to have multiple animations (walk,idle,run, swim etc). How do I divide up my animation in Cascadeur and export that as a single fbx that an engine like Unity can use to access each animation individually?

    Without this feature I can't see Cascader is any use at all in a game development pipeline unless your game has just 1 animation per character.
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    Thank you for the suggestion, we'll take that into account!

    But please understand that this feature will not have a top position in our priority list, as you can simply export separate animations and assign them to one character in the game engine.
    Also, I'm not sure that you can import many animations from one file in UE.
    Is it so?

    And, talking about pipelines - we think that keeping animations separate is rather good long term, especially if you use a version control system.
    It's summarized in this quote here: Furthermore, the normal method for this process is to export multiple animations to a folder and link them to the bone set for the primary skeletal mesh.
    UE4 and Unity both support this process. At first this is confusing, but I promise you in the long run this is much better to accomplish fast edits.taken

    from here

    Here is also a related question for Unity with software that also doesn't support it:

    Of course your report (and it's not the first one) counts and makes this feature more valuable in our opinion.


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