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Auto physics character dipping

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  • Auto physics character dipping

    Would someone by able to tell me why this character in auto physics keeps dipping down mid way through the animation? I've gotten around it before by snapping the animation and then fixing the issues. However I would like to resolve this the proper way.

    Thank you.

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    The Auto Physics is set up so that the character crouches lower at intervals with a large support area.
    This corresponds to the way the body behaves in movements such as walking.
    The human body's center of mass is lowest when both feet are on the ground.

    However, this effect can be turned off!

    For the new Cascadeur version 2022.2EA (which will be released in the next days) you can change the settings at Physics settings -> Split interval by fulcrum area.
    At older versions you can change it in Settings window -> autophysics->Split interval by fulcrum area


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